...Answering The Call...

For a while now I have been feeling the call to start up a blog and share my journey..

My soul has been yearning to express itself through writing... through dance.. through art... through painting.. through sharing my story... my own self-expression... my own self-exploration.

By sharing my journey, I hope that I can inspire and empower you too along your own journey to listen and follow your heart & souls deepest calling.

To explore your depths. To peel away all the layers and the masks that we wear.. All the walls that we have built up around ourselves and our hearts. To allow ourselves to be vulnerable and to be seen. To shed our shame. To uncover and reclaim lost parts of ourselves and our soul. To heal, nurture and love ourselves deeply. To nourish our mind, body and soul. To have the courage to follow our hearts and souls deepest calling. To live and speak our truth. To live with consciousness and awareness. To live and speak from our hearts. To stand up for what is truly right.

And on that note, I will now leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Sue Monk Kidd, which resonates deeply with me... ❤

“The truth is, in order to heal we need to tell our stories and have them witnessed...The story itself becomes a vessel that holds us up, that sustains, that allows us to order our jumbled experiences into meaning. As I told my stories of fear, awakening, struggle, and transformation and had them received, heard, and validated by other wo/men, I found healing. I also needed to hear other wo/men's stories in order to see and embrace my own. Sometimes another wo/man's story becomes a mirror that shows me a self I haven't seen before. When I listen to them tell it, their experience quickens and clarifies my own. Their questions rouse mine. Their conflicts illumine my conflicts. Their resolutions call forth my hope. Their strengths summon my strengths. All of this can happen even when our stories and our lives are very different.” ❤

Much love, peace & blessings to you all,

Aya Xxx